Darren E. Lee Scholarship

The Darren E. Lee Scholarship was established to honor the memory of a man of great integrity who unconditionally loved and selflessly gave with a joyful heart. Darren had a passion for education and the apartment industry that was second to none and was a strong supporter of AAGO as a Volunteer Instructor and Board Member. He was committed to ensuring that those with the desire to receive a quality education would be given the opportunity and took great pride in developing the careers of so many in the industry. While Darren is missed, his spirit will continuously grow through the recipients of the scholarship bearing his name.

The Darren E. Lee Scholarship was established in 2007, and has enabled nearly 150 individuals to advance or pursue a career in apartment management!

"The Darren E. Lee Scholarship and educational opportunities allowed me to learn valuable insights and skills that I was able to apply in my day-to-day activities as a property manager. I made lasting connections with other industry professionals, relationships that I still have today! Industry peers, mentors, and leaders have provided me with impactful resources, advice, and became lasting friends. I connected with AAGO and have been a volunteer, teacher, and supporter for AAGO ever since."

Maria Filippone

Candidates for the scholarship may include:

  • Individuals who are interested in one of many multi-family career paths such as leasing, management, maintenance, or vendor/supplier account executive.
  • Current property management professionals who are unemployed or unable to absorb the cost of a qualifying education opportunity offered by AAGO.
  • Non-industry professionals looking for a new career the the multi-family industry. 

What does the scholarship cover?

  • The scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible AAGO members looking to pursue higher education in the multi-family housing industry. The scholarship covers NAAEI Designations (CAM, CAPS, CAMT, CALP, CAS), EPA, CPO, Future Leaders, or L.E.A.P for professionals currently working in the Industry. 


  • The scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible persons who are looking to pursue a career in multi-family housing. The scholarship can be applied to the following courses: EPA (Refrigeration License), Certified Pool Operator License, Fair Housing, Landlord/Tenant Law, and Leasing classes.

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For more information on the scholarship or to contribute, please contact
Heather Alzate, AAGO Vice President of Education 
(407)644-0539 or heather@aago.org.